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Is bad breath Contagious?

is bad breath contagiousA common question from partners of bad breath sufferers and of great concern is whether or not bad breath is contagious and can be passed from one person to another. It is important to read the entire article and to look at the picture gallery to determine if these are the symptoms you or a friend or partner are experiencing.

The answer is No, bad breath is not contagious.

The bacteria which cause bad breath occur naturally in everyone’s mouth and form part of the natural oral flora or combination of bacteria that are present in everyone’s mouth and throat. The fact is that most oral bacteria cannot spread from person to person but is evidence of poor oral health.

These bacteria although not contagious, react with mucous, blood or food particles in the mouth under certain circumstances, usually in a dry mouth environment caused by smoking, alcohol or certain chronic medication like the contraceptive pill, blood pressure medication, anti-depressants and a host of other medication. The by-product of this reaction is a sulfur compound that presents as the familiar odour we know as bad breath or halitosis.

It is important for partners to be honest with one another about their bad breath and inform them of the available cure. In many cases bad breath sufferers are not aware of just how offensive their bad breath is and as the partner of a bad breath sufferer knowing that bad breath is not contagious, it would be silly not to make them aware of a treatment.

Bad breath and Halitosis can have serious effects on relationships and the ability to maintain a relationship. Therabreath products help to return the levels of bacteria to normal by oxygenating the mouth and throat. This renders the bacteria that are breaking down mucous, blood and food particles and producing sulfur compounds that are experiences as foul smelling breath unable to function, resulting in fresh breath.

Don’t let bad breath or halitosis destroy a beautiful relationship. You do not have to live with it, it is easily dealt with. Now that you know bad breath is not contagious, help yourself by helping your friend or partner eliminate trheir bad breath and enjoy the intimacy that comes with fresh breath.

In some cases partners of bad breath sufferers notice a white tongue or perhaps even mouth ulcers(not to be confused with cold sores) which are both unsightly and fear that they are contagious. The white tongue is associated with bad breath and requires the use of a tongue cleaner and oxygenating oral care regimen to kill of the excess bacteria and restore the mouths oral flora to normal. Mouthy ulcers (inside the mouth) are also not contagious and can be effectively treated with Therabreath oral rinses.

We have given picture examples of what goes on in the mouth of these bacteria are not eliminated. These are fairly severe cases and intended to illustrate what happens if the problem is not attended to. It is important to note that even though these images may gross you out, they are nevertheless still not contagious.

What products are required to get rid of bad breath in someone with these conditions?

Blood in the mouth: In order to restore your mouth to health the bacteria that cause the gums to bleed need immediate relief with Periotherapy products to heal the gums.

Tonsil Stones: Although not contagious tonsil stones are a severe issue that causes extremely bad breath often associated with a fecal smell. Aktivoxigen serum in severe cases or our specially formulated tonsil stone eliminator pack for less severe cases.

Mouth Ulcers: Allthough not contagious, mouth ulcers and recurring mouth ulcers need to dealt with in order to restore the mouth to health using the Therabreath Essentials pack